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How much money does a Body Piercer earn?

Of course the dynamic answer to this question is the same as with any other viable trade or profession - it all depends upon your effort, professionalism, and performance. However, we can glance at the particulars, which seldom tell a untruth. The average cost of today's body piercing is $50, so …………..

1 procedure = A cell phone bill
3 procedures = Monthly car insurance
6 procedures = Monthly car note
7 procedures = The average monthly college student loan payment
15 procedures = Rent/mortgage payment
20 procedures = A 7-day cruise

Why should I attend this school and not complete an apprenticeship?

Although a lot of apprenticeships show experience because of the time allocated toward them, they usually can be very costly. You pay out masses of money and earn very little - if any - for the duration of the experience. Also, under an apprenticeship no one is truly obligated to teach you - they do it at their own leisure. Our course is only $200.00 and includes instruction, certification, equipment, and a discount with our suppliers. Our training is well worth the time and cost.

Is three hours enough time for me to learn this craft?

Twenty-four hours is the ideal time for someone to learn this trade AND be proficient in it, we teach a “fast track” course to get you up and running and employed with this marketable skill. Upon completion of the program, our attendees are able to work right away, whether for themselves or another establishment. Our attendees also receive FREE consultation following their visit to our training facility.

Will I be "licensed" when finished with the class?

Licensing is issued on a state-to-state or county-to-county basis that is generally regulated by your local government. Your attendance certificate will reflect your level of aptitude gained here with us. It is important for you to take our information and tools for enhancing your career and check with your local health department, county clerks office, or state attorney general office for in-depth details relating to being licensed.

How many students are there in each class? How many instructors?

The average class size is generally 4-8 students. This is strategically planned to enforce a quaint and intimate learning experience. There is one Lead Instructor and several assistants who all endorse the philosophies of creativity and passion of the art.

Will I perform any procedures during the class?

Yes you will. We provide the tools and or models for you to explore your craft with your Piercing Equipment under the observation of the instructor(s).

Do I receive any equipment with this course?

Yes, and enough to start your business with and earn income right away! Your tuition includes: Clamps, Opener and Closers, a variety of jewelry, needles, and corks.

How do I enroll?

Contact Tattoo Master Class today @ (562)650-1224 or to secure your seat in our next class period. A minimum $150.00 deposit insures you on the class roster and begins you on the class roster and begins your journey in an exciting new profession.

Tattoo Master Class

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